Six lessons I learned in September

Icnluding some link love – what I found helpful during last month.

#1a: Good things happen in bulk. Therefore you also need to react in bulk.

When I moved here I started from zero. I had to come up with new routines and I am still struggling to find a job. In addition to that I worked on the blog and started to pitch online magazines. There were long weeks without anything happening and a couple of disappointments. And then, suddenly, within two days, I got a bunch of positive emails. All those blogs wanted me to edit my articles as soon as possible in order to put them out there. I got some last minute reference letters for applications I had already given up on. And I got a lot of positive feedback on the blog.

Now I had to react to all of that within the shortest time. Applications could finally be sent, and three articles needed to be edited at the same time. That is when my motivation spiked and I had the energy, inspiration and the guts to do all that. At night I fell into my bed like a stone, having spent the whole day in front of the laptop, but I was very productive and fulfilling.

#1b: Even motivation comes in bulk.

There are days when I want to accomplish so much, and not even halfway I end up reading or having a nap, and then I get lost in other peoples’ blogs, or walk around – basically, I procrastinate like nobody’s business. I have no inspiration. And the next day I wake up and I can do all that I wanted and more! I realised that’s normal. You cannot drive full speed all the time. Your body needs rest, your mind needs to regain inspiration, your battery needs to recharge. I learned to embrace and accept those waves. When I’m down, I don’t force it, I just wait for the next high, an I stopped feeling bad about it.

#2: One-thing-to-do-lists work.

Now that I know that I can be motivated and productive in bulk, and have to procrastinate a day or two per week, I strictly try to schedule not more than one thing per day in the beginning of the week. There will be friends coming over, there will be meetings to attend and spontaneous errands to run. So if I assign myself to one single thing per day, I am quite sure to be able to accomplish it. I will feel great and I might even have for all the other things that will have come up until then.

#3: Writing comes from writing.

I have written about that before and it has proven true once again.

#4: Scary things first.

Eat that frog! Do the worst thing first, before even checking your emails. Instead of pushing annoying duties away and letting the anxiety for them grow, I tackle them first thing in the morning.

#5: The internet sucks up my time.

I do a lot online. Most of what I do at the moment happens on the internet. Once a week I try to break the circle with the screenfree day. And I am going to challenge myself and you, dear reader, for an outgoing November. Join the email list and watch this space for updates on that.

#6: Getting out is important.

That is just a continuation of Lesson #5. Walking, meeting others, moving my body and exposing myself to the outside world is important and inspiring and a great way of a break, even if sometimes I simply need to force it.

What were your main lessons last month? Let me know in the comments below!

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5 thoughts on “Six lessons I learned in September

  1. I love your one-thing-to-do list idea. I’m absolutely going to start doing this. And after your post about screenfree days, I realized that while my Kinder Half and I don’t have a TV, our tablets have taken over that role in our lives – mindless distraction. Sobering thought!

    Today I’m forcing myself into (ready for this?) the sunlight. I know, right? Just as soon as I finish this internet research… šŸ˜‰ Do you have any tricks you use to go exploring in a new place? I’m still finding my new city pretty overwhelming, even though I’ve been forcing myself out regularly.

    • Sunlight is always a great idea, Melissa! I am trying to force myself into it every day, too!
      For exploring new places I usually use those small printed guides many cities hand out for free. In fact, I play tourist and go to the tourist information. Or I look for people and groups online (Couchsurfing, Facebook and the likes). It’s funny that you asked because I am working on a challenge to make the coming month an Outgoing November. More sunlight, more people, more places! Watch this space!

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