Two stunning concepts that made my October

and tremendously changed my perspective towards living a more productive life

Once a month I collect all the lessons I learned and publish them here. But now that I am doing that for almost a year, the lessons repeat themselves. The stuff I try finally works, and there is nothing new to be learned, it only prove true.

Last month, for example, I was once more reminded that doing comes from doing and that things happen in bulk.

But I also got to know two more concepts that worked like eye-openers.

We hear a lot about how to motivate ourselves. So many people, websites and robots promise us that if we join their list and pay them, they will give us more motivation than we ever had. Only follow these 32 easy steps to get more motivation. And here are 7 things you should do to be happy. And the premium programme has the life as you want it – completely outlined for you and to reach with these 10 infallible tools.

But word number one that stroke me last month was DISCIPLINE. This article says it all: Forget Motivation, Remember Discipline.

Word number two: FLOW. I discovered Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s model of flow. What you want to reach is the point of maximum challenge and likewise the highest skill level to get in the zone, in the flow. Brooke from Slow Your Home wrote a beautiful piece about Rhythm that resonates with that: Why Rhythm Trumps Routine.

So while discipline sets you to the start of it, flow carries you through the task.

With discipline you set of, and with flow you reach the end.

Get the discipline to start doing it, and then develop a rhythm to get into the flow and finish that thing.

As I work on those concepts myself, what do you think? Do you struggle more with finding discipline or flow? Let us know in the comments.

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