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I started this blog in my last year at university, finishing my master in journalism. Graduating from university also means to graduate from a certain stage in life to the next. I guess I have never felt that much in a transition as now.

I think we are constantly graduating, from year to year, month to month, day to day, minute to minute. My quest is to take notes along the way and put them here. They reflect life in a constant transition and little daily lessons that I learned and that might be helpful or interesting for you, too. Because we are all constantly graduating.

I blog here on Tuesdays.


My profile picture, being outside, with a cup of tea.

This is very me: being outside, with tea. Captured by my lovely classmate Katarina Wohlfart (katarinawohlfart.com).

Hello. My name is Laura. I have traveled two continents, partly walking and biking, worked shift in a factory for chemicals, wrote millions of words, got married, helped building a school and a hospital, read billions of words, took part in singing competitions, moved out from home, was given a chicken and a dog, had a surgery on each knee and malaria. And I was only born in West Germany’s last half year.

  • I mainly studied cultural sciences and journalism in Germany (where I grew up), Kenya (where I fell in love) and Sweden (where I want to live). These are the countries I will try to balance my life on.
  • I have discovered minimalism as a lifestyle and only own one towel.
  • I am working on my habits and have taken on running, writing, reading and yoga.
  • I try to keep the dairy, sugar and gluten low in my diet.
  • I prefer Swedish folk dance and folk music from the German one. (I tried both.)
  • In every new place I move to I look for a choir to join. That is where I often find the best friends.
  • I enjoy volunteering and farming, especially combined, and one day I am going to have that organic farm of mine.
  • I am on facebook, but not on twitter and I don’t follow the news. I always figured that whatever was necessary for me to know, has always reached me in one way or the other.
  • I am a fan of lists and planning, and I plaster parts of my walls with pictures, schedules, quotes and newspaper clippings.

If I bragged about what glorious things I did so far, what would it help me? But if I kept the lessons I learned on the way for myself, what would it help me? In any case, there won’t be a certificate, but I would be happy if I had encouraged only one person to pursue what they are looking for, if I had answered a question of only one person, if I had inspired only one person to travel, write, have goals, run, make plans or reduce dairy consumption.

I cannot really graduate from life, and yet I graduate constantly.

By the way: Nyaran is an abbreviation of Nyar Anyiko, a name that was given to me. It means girl or daughter from Anyiko, which is a place very close to the equator and very close to my heart.

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