A screenfree day is tougher than you may think

and why you should give it a try anyway

Can you imagine to spend an entire day without opening the laptop or the computer – even once? Can you imagine to even not watch TV, nor access internet on your phone?

If you say yes very quickly, be warned. Take me as an example. I don’t even have a smart phone, nor a TV. All I have is a laptop. And that machine seems to run every hour of every day. It only stops if there is a blackout. Always too late I realise that magically it managed to suck up my time once again.

When A is away, I keep myself busy with the laptop. I write, I apply, I connect, I search for inspiration and information. When A is around, we sometimes sit on our laptops and work. It is a great motivation to have someone working on the other desk. It makes me be productive, too.

But we don’t talk. We forget that there is so much to share, as in, verbally. We forget that each of us has very little time on this planet and that sometimes there are more important things than facebook. We forget that life happens outside, there are people and the sun and noises and impressions that no screen can ever capture nor reproduce.

So I gave it a try. I believe I read about it at slowyourhome.com but it is so long ago that now I can’t find it anymore. Once a week we don’t open the laptops. That means we don’t read emails, news or anything else.

We do laundry instead and clean the apartment. We go out and visit friends. We join events. Then we have dinner. And then we are stranded.

We have talked to each other the whole day and we are sitting in our clean apartment with full stomachs and we just don’t have anything else to do anymore.

In this case, it is amazing how much entertainment you could always find online. You could get lost on social media, look and read what other people are putting up there (because somebody always has just put something up there), you could follow the news or just watch videos.

Screenfree evenings often find us playing cards. Or we take a last walk in the evening. Or we read actual paper books.

When I go to bed after a screenfree day, my mind is much calmer than when I lay down just after having switched of the laptop. I have more ideas coming from my heart, I am more balanced and more with myself, more centred.

It’s because I am not exposed to the light of the screen, which arguably might have some effect on our health. I didn’t sit in that computer position the whole day but moved around. It’s also because I have not swam in the constant rush and noise of the internet. And it’s because I had beautiful encounters and talks and experiences.

Can I challenge you? Switch it off! Just for one day a week. And then let me know how it was, in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “A screenfree day is tougher than you may think

  1. “…And then we are stranded.” Hahaha this is so true! We don’t own a TV, either, and still the tablets and phones suck our time. But our favorite nights are the ones where we sit on the couch and actually talk to each other. I love, love, love your idea to make it a “rule” once a week. I’m not sure I’m up to trying it for a full day, so maybe I’ll ease into it…

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