Dear Life. Just so you know: You are in my stories

How to balance personal experiences in public articles

I have written a good amount of stuff lately. About sharing things online and my relationship with a bag of rice. And I keep sending out stories here on the blog.

What I realised is that even if you want to sell cars, you have to tell stories. Stories are the new marketing strategy apparently. The tradition of storytelling is probably as old as mankind and we have always had stories. But nowadays it is being stressed as a skill or a tool to make a message clearer.

And those stories should be rather personal. That is how people, readers and potential customers connect.

MY stories are rather personal.

In the rice bag story I revealed a bit of my way of life and my shopping habits in Sweden.

In the online sharing story I shared my photo mania in Kenya.

I also wrote essays about peace and leadership for some competitions. My favourite human appeared in all of them. While he was much stressed writing exams at university, I wrote about him and his family, because those stories stand for something.

Sometimes I feel bad about it.

I am not sure, just like with taking pictures. Who owns the picture? Who owns the situation? Can I just use their stories for my own purposes? Is it okay that a boy named Pope appears in my leadership story – actually, appears HERE in this very blog post in this very moment? He doesn’t know about it.

Here are my solutions

  1. Letting them know and sending them the story to read.
  2. Making them anonymous and not using their real names.
  3. Fictionalising the whole incident and tweaking it the way I want it, taking out the very personal things.

Those stories don’t appear out of the blue.

They are rooted in my everyday experience. Going out provides me with a lot of inspiration.  If I would make up things all the time, I would be an authour, not a writer, I guess. I would compose fiction. (Which I am also enjoying, but in another venue.)

I am an expert in living my own life. That is what I can share here.

Life is more than just a collection of moments strung on the chain of time. Those encounters, those events, those stories mean something. They teach me lessons. Every day I am learning something. Although we cannot graduate from life, we are graduating daily.

I am more than happy to share these stories and insights. They can be of use for you, too. Not because my life is extraordinary or particularly special, but rather because the advice I draw from those events is not only meant for myself but also for you (and you and you and you, too).

So as you score along these pages, say hi to my life. And, Life, if you read this, I hope I pay you due respect and represent you here and in all the other stories just the way you want to be appearing.

How do YOU deal with this? Share your stories in the comments below!

I was traveling to the countryside and put some photos up at facebook. And do you want some stories straight to your inbox – with love?


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