I don’t aim to take over the world

What is wrong with me?

The World Domination Summit just happened recently. I don’t know exactly what it is because it happens on a continent I never stepped on, but I know that many people who inspire me online go there.

It’s a great title, because: who doesn’t want to dominate the world?

In the beginning of the year I was doing a thirty minutes workout every morning and a yoga teacher was introduced on the video who had big goals: take over the world.

It takes courage to say that. And it is encouraging itself already.

If your goal is to take over the world, then what are little everyday problems to you? If you want to dominate the planet, isn’t that the noblest goal you can have?

Because obviously you want not only to make money, not only to help people, which will happen along the way almost by accident. Instead, you are aiming for the biggest goal, to make this world a better place with your talents and skills for the betterment of all.

I admired statements like that and wanted to do the same for a short while. Until I realised, that actually, I didn’t.

I think I’m good with average.

I am comfortable with working invisibly and helping only one or two people instead of the whole world.

So what is wrong with me?

In a leadership course the coach told us that we are all leaders. Everybody wants to hear that, right? That they can do it, that they are empowered, that they have all it takes.

I raised my hand and asked a bit shyly: Uhm, what if I don’t want to be a leader? And she said something very interesting: That is not your choice.

If you master your skills, if you know what you stand for and if you find truth in what you pursue, you will reach a point where there is no other way but continuing. That is when people see that you make sense and they will follow you by default.

The great examples of leaders never asked to lead. Martin Luther, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Jeanne d’Arc, Jesus, Martin Luther King – none of them ever sat down and made a plan for leading. They just did what they were good at and what they thought had to be done.

In that way they happened to lead.

There is no originality in this world anymore. What makes us unique is to find ourselves and do what we think is right. If we do it right, we might as well end up leading, even if it’s only two people.

  • Even if you actually don’t aim at taking over the world, like me.
  • Even if you just want to meet interesting people, do interesting stuff and then write about it, like me.
  • Even if you actually doubt people who want to dominate the world, like me.

There is nothing wrong with you. (And me!) Just do your thing.

But don’t be surprised when some people want to become your followers.

How will you lead by default? Or how are you planning to take over the world? Let me know in the comments!

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