I’m a Nontrepreneur

or: How I found out once again that we are all hard to be categorised

Lately I’ve been wondering whether I am really the entrepreneur I am priding myself to be.

Growing up in Germany, I was being educated to become employed. It only crossed my mind to start something of my own last year in October, when I was seriously failing in finding a job.

I grew more and more uncomfortable presenting myself in the best light possible. I tweaked my CV to fit the company that I was applying for and it felt weird. I was not lying with the CV. But stressing the strangest areas of my life in order to please their requirements didn’t produce a true picture of myself.

And that’s what I like about entrepreneurship: You can be true to yourself.

Or can you, really?

Although I am confronting myself a lot with entrepreneurship lately, I seem to lack the drive to expand. At Entrepreneur Café Nairobi, some members come to a meeting once and immediately want to make it “a big thing”, get more people, maybe rent a venue, and expand. These things never even crossed my mind. In fact, they sound rather overwhelming to me.

I am generally always very content with my surroundings and circumstances. It’s a mind-set I acquired through practice.

Does that deny me the label of an entrepreneur, that I am trying to wear? Because I don’t strive for more?

At a networking event I wore flat shoes and a knitted jacket, not high heels and a blouse like almost everyone else.

So am I not a proper entrepreneur? Because I don’t wear accordingly?

I took a course on entrepreneurship. They had a great word cloud showing what other participants of the course thought makes an entrepreneur. Creativity is there, and passion. Other words are vision, innovation and determination. They resonate with me. I am definitely creative, currently defining and refining my many passions, and my mum always says that if I want something, I will work hard to get it and make it happen.

That helps.

Maybe I’m not your mama’s entrepreneur, but hey, I am creatively building something at the moment that has to do with my passion and my personal experience.

I want to help others and it’s just that I’m not into fast growth. At all.

That project still sounds very secretive right now, I know. But stay tuned and I will update you here now more regularly.

This is actually a new chapter of this blog. I keep on graduating from life and every day has a new lesson. But now I am moving towards making ends meet, so you will get to read more about the nontrepreneur.

This term has been used in different circumstances.

In my case it means a non-conformal entrepreneur, who does things the way she wants, the way she can handle it and possibly loosing but also learning a lot on the way.

Entrepreneurship means freedom, don’t you think? What kind of entrepreneur are you? Do you think I am one at all? Let me know in the comments below.

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