Lessons learned in November

of which one is how to overcome laziness and tiredness

November saw my attempt to go out more, to connect more with real people, to see more of the town. I called it the Outgoing November Challenge. I am happy and proud to have inspired some readers, and I am amazed by the outcome it had for myself.

Here is what I have learned:

  1. Going out is very hard.

I seem to have no problem with approaching people, which is easy to be content with when I am in my safe comfort zone. Yet leaving my appartment is always a big effort. I usually wonder whether it will be really worth it. I stress about what to carry and when to leave, I become anxious about wether I will be able to find the place…

Whenever I leave the house, it’s like climbing a high wall that I have put up myself in front of the door. I wouldn’t say I am an introvert or afraid of the town. It just takes me a lot of effort to leave my comfort zone.

  1. Going out is totally worth it.

But once I am out, things usually go smoothly and often become amazing. In November, I met old and new friends, I had fruitful conversations, I saw inspiring places and beautiful performances. I had a lot of ideas and started to put some into action.

I will absolutely continue going out and pushing me out of my own comfort zone, because it is so enriching, no matter what the financial and emotional effort.

  1. I cannot manage time, but I can optimise my energy.

The Outgoing November Challenge surely took a lot of time from me. Going to town usually takes an hour or more. And Nairobi stresses me out. Big time! When I am back from town, all I want to do is sleep. I had so much exposure and experience that I am totally overwhelmed. Partly, but not only in a good way.

To get the energy then to still blog about what I experienced or even think of opening my email inbox is very hard. Yet, in November, I managed to continue the blog and the facebook page, did some online courses and even wrote a novel!

It depends on whether I let my feelings overwhelm me and knock me down, or whether I ignore that it is already ten pm and I am tired, and instead optimise my energy. I realised if that blog post needs to go online the next morning, tiredness or headache simply don’t count as an excuse.

How do you overcome lazyness and tiredness? Let me know in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Lessons learned in November

  1. I, also, struggle with leaving my house. This week I’m going to start going to a yoga class in town. Like you, my issues are the ones I worry about before going, but once I’m out, I have fun. Knowing myself, I’m concerned that I’ll get lazy and not go so I’ve asked my husband to try to give me motivation so I continue going. Wish me luck.

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