The day I found the blog post on the internet which I had wanted to write

It’s about purpose and mosquitoes, and here is why I am writing it anyways

Can you imagine to find the exact blog post on somebody else’s blog, written by somebody else, which you had wanted to write?

It recently happened to me. The post is about purpose which is a rather common theme for blog posts. But it starts with mosquitoes, the exact same way I wanted mine to start!

The blogger, Marcella Chamorro, lives in Nicaragua and hates mosquitoes. I live in Kenya and it’s all the same here. Around six thirty in the evening they become active and invade the apartment like an army. Sometimes I am sitting there, armed with an electronic mosquito killer and the repellent smoking the whole room, and yet my feet and hands are swelling from their bites.

So, I wondered, just like Marcella: What are mosquitoes really good for? They are not pollinating any flowers. They don’t eat other pests. They don’t provide fur or milk or skin or honey or any other useful product. All they do is carry and spread malaria, cultivate a general attitude of being annoying, and be consumed.

Marcella writes:

As gross as mosquitoes are, they bring up an important question: What’s the point of existing without a purpose?

My question is: Am I like a mosquito? Am I simply consumed, am I food for the system? Or can I create something meaningful?

The easy answer is no. As you see, even this very blog post (including the somewhat special catch with the mosquitoes) has already been written before. Everything has been said before. So why even try?

The hard answer is: I am not a mosquito. I am here with a purpose. It is not something I will find with a blueprint and then I have it forever. It is not fixed and inflexible, in fact it can change.

Marcella suggests the 5 Whys to find out your purpose and utility in all the different projects you pursue – an exercise I highly recommend:

  1. To try out the 5 Whys, follow these steps:
  2. Gather some tools for writing — paper and pen, a computer, etc.
  3. At the top of the page, write out what your project does.
  4. Below that, list out the numbers 1-5 and write “Why?” next to each number.
  5. Fill out the answer in each row.

Leo Babauta from suggests to get out of your bubble and start helping others.

Whatever you do, what counts is YOU.

Although Marcella has already written about mosquitoes and purpose, it is my own take on it that counts. It’s about what I make of it, with all my personal characteristics and skills and feelings. The fact that you are reading it now and comparing it with Marcella’s post is all that matters.

So what about you? Are you a mosquito? Are you being consumed? Or are you creating something? Are you adding value to this world? Let me know in the comments.

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