The Outgoing November Challenge

Part One: How to make next month a really inspiring experience

I have spent way too much time in front of a screen lately. So I am going to push myself away from it. And I invite you to join the Outgoing November Challenge.

It’s about getting away from online stories and into more real life experience, making new connections with people and refreshing the old ones, recovering our creative potential and getting a heap of inspiration. Are you in?

Here is how it works

In the coming weeks we’ll prepare ourselves step by step, so that in November we just have to go out. We’ll focus on four areas. Pick one or more:


Reconnecting with lost friends, meeting new people and make real-life connections.

Places and Events

Getting to know our surroundings better, experiencing our places, exploring our cities.


Picking up on exercise routines that disappeared in the course of the year and getting the fun back into regular workout.

Me, myself and I

Discovering our talents and abilities beyond the internet and focussing on our creative potential.

Excuse buster

This will be a bit stressful. There will be less time for things. You will have to schedule your blog posts and assignments ahead, you will have to do some night shifts for some assignments. So why do it anyway?

There are two kinds of exhaustion: Sometimes I fall into bed and I am drained but I don’t know why. During Outgoing November I will be exhausted more than ever – but I will go to bed with the feeling of accomplishment and inspiration.

And don’t worry about Christmas preparations. Just incorporate them into the challenge.

Money is not an excuse, either. I am currently unemployed and living on a budget. So I look for free events and places close by that are easy to reach.

You don’t have time for this? Neither do I. (I just committed to write about 2000 words every day of November.) That is why we are starting now: We will plan and schedule the Outgoing November around the rest of our November tasks.

This week we’ll look at our resources, everything that is already there.


Go through your facebook contacts, the contacts in your phone, your social media connections, and pick at least ten people you want to (re)connect with in November. They shouldn’t be your closest friends, but maybe those you lost touch with. Or people you don’t know very well yet, or someone new you always wanted to meet in real life. Chose people within geographical reach.

In my case that means:

  • the Volunteers (2)
  • the Magazine People (3)
  • the Soprano
  • the Base
  • the Gals (5)
  • the Artists (2)
  • the Guys (3)
  • His Classmates (5)

Places and Events

Almost every place has a tourist office, where you can find free flyers and brochures. Stock up on those and look around on the internet. Make a list with at least ten bullet points and fill them with places, sights and events in November.

Here is what I found:

  • McMillan Library
  • Sarakasi Dome
  • Pine Tree in Sarova Hotel
  • Greenspan Mall
  • Jamia Mosque
  • Shree Swaminarayan Temple
  • Cathedral Basilica of the Holy Family
  • Kitengela Glass
  • My friend’s place upcountry
  • Informal Studio Architecture Exhibition (Oct 30 – Nov 23)
  • Lusophone Film Fest (Nov 1)
  • Movies at Alliance Francaise (Nov 3, 10, 17, 24)
  • Pwani comes Upcountry Art Exhibition (Nov 6-23)
  • African Documentary Film Fest (Nov 10-15)
  • Water! Performance (Nov 21-22)
  • Maasai Mara University Graduation (Nov 28)


What did you do, or what did you attempt to do during the year? Write it down!

I started (and stopped):

  • half-marathon training
  • yoga

Me, myself and I

List at least five things that you wanted to do – without using a computer. It can be anything, really.

For example:

  • taking more photos in the streets, especially in the evening
  • crafting earrings from shells
  • learning how to use a sewing machine
  • making a new calendar/diary/planner for 2015
  • planting veggies on the balcony
  • biking in town
  • baking bread
  • doing a Permaculture course

I am looking forward to see your lists! Put them on your blog and link them here. Tell me on facebook. Join the email list and write me there! Or let me know in the comments.

This Outgoing November Challenge will be more fun if you are part of it!


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