Finally, there is a description for what I want to be: a multipotentialite

Including several things you may not know about me

Are you someone who cannot give a one-word-answer to the notorious question: So, what do you do? Someone who has several passions that don’t fit together at all at first sight? Then you are like me. And there is a term for describing us: Multipotentialite.

What a relief to learn that I am not alone. There is nothing wrong with not being able to pin down that one thing you’ll do until retirement. I am so happy to join the Puttyfest!

puttyfest theme

Potential Number One: Writing

Recently I made a bold statement. It went like: “I think I am a writer.” People always told me I should become a writer. I never really believed them because you cannot really make a lot of money with writing. I’m striving to become better each day, but not for money any more. Now I have less problems to say “I am a writer.” I am writing this blog, for other blogs and also some fiction. So what am I?

Potential Number Two: Music

They also said I should be a singer. Everywhere I lived, I joined a different choir. I also had private lessons in classical singing. I love to sing. Always and everywhere. But I am sure that I am not going to sing for an income. I don’t want to sacrifice the pleasure I get from music.

Potential Number Three: Farming

Another big interest of mine is permaculture, a sustainable way of farming. One day I will run a small permaculture farm. That used to be a crazy idea in my head. Now it is somewhere between a dream and a goal. I am not yet consciously working towards it, but I know one day I’ll make it.

Potential Number Four: Kenya

My second home is Kenya, where I volunteered in many different projects. I am involved in the building of a polytechnic school and a clinic. I am currently designing a proposal for a project of planting trees in schools and prisons. I might set up an online platform for a teacher to teacher mentoring. For friends and anyone interested, I am working on a preparation course for people coming to Africa, to deal with prejudices and lay the foundation for a more open traveling experience.

Working mode: Volunteering

I am not getting paid for all this. Leading a minimal lifestyle allows that. The strong belief that some things just have to come from the heart makes it necessary. It feels right.

And an honest advice concerning academics

I always studied out of interest, not in order to embark on any kind of career path. I studied Cultural Sciences and African Studies mainly, within three years, strictly and determined to finish, and I had a lot of fun and aha-moments. I also took a course on creative writing and Community Development. And I have a master degree in journalism.

Study what interests you, not what seems to offer good job opportunities. Do it in the time you need, but finish when it becomes an excuse for not making the next step.

Now, where does that put me on the job market? My ideal occupation would be a writing farmer. Who holds music and culture events on the farm. And sends the proceeds to Kenya. While trying to help erase destructive prejudices. There you go! I just created my occupation.

And that is what I am looking for: an occupation. Not a job.

What are your passions? And what is the craziest way to combine them? Tell me in the comments below!

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