Ten Steps and Inspirators that help me to keep blogging

and a bonus of my own humble experience

Inspirators are people or websites or tools or things that heavily inspire me. They help me with very specific tasks and they are too helpful to keep them for myself.

May I make a bold statement? I think I am a writer. I mean, almost daily I sit down and write articles and blog posts… so why not call it by its name?!

Now that that is out I will give you one tremendous advice: Consider blogging! It makes me know myself better, meet other people, and learn a lot of stuff that I would have never heard about otherwise. It makes me be disciplined and stick to my habits. It makes me feel passionate and in charge.

If you want to start blogging but don’t know how, don’t google. That’s going to be too overwhelming. Just ask me: Here are my inspirators. Almost all are for free. (Because I am not a RICH writer – yet.)

Inspirators for Step One: START!

Here are 29 tips giving you an overview when you are just starting. I often go back to them. They cover everything from the technical stuff to writing, promoting, and, if you want, making money from blogging. (tiny.cc/9xs6lx)

Inspirators for Step Two: YOUR REASON!

As soon as possible, sign up for Jeff Goins’ little email course about intentional blogging. You will develop ideas on what your blog should be about and how to express that. (tiny.cc/c5s6lx)

Generally, Jeff Goins has a lot of helpful advice to offer when it comes to writing.

You can also read the four pillars to starting a blog that actually matters by Live your Legend. Ultimately you need a cause, help people, write epic stuff and build connections. (tiny.cc/f7s6lx)

Inspirators for Step Three: FIND YOUR VOICE!

This one will get you into the flow and out of the trap of but I don’t have anything to say. (tiny.cc/kat6lx)

Have a look at Regina’s other worksheets. They are fun AND really helpful to me!


It took me a while and I’m still struggling, but I learned that it is very important to be extremely specific in who you are talking to (finding the so-called ideal readers or target audience) and what you are saying to them. This guide, among others, helped me. (tiny.cc/cty6lx)

I often look for similar websites and similar topics and areas of interest through similarsitesearch.com.

And Übersuggest not only uses a German word and letter, but it just spills keywords for whatever you feed it with. (ubersuggest.org)

Pat Flynn said somewhere that he goes to Amazon, looks at books close to his topic and draws inspiration for categories and keywords from their index of contents. (tiny.cc/g2y6lx)

Inspirators for Step Five: WRITE!

For a massive amount of ideas: tiny.cc/89y6lx

For six essentials to get the concept: tiny.cc/vcz6lx

Then sometimes I need pressure to write: writeordie.com

And if I run out of ideas I use those idea generators as a first inspiration: Here you get one out-of-the-box headline at a time (tiny.cc/xez6lx)

Enter three nouns here, get five ideas. (tiny.cc/piz6lx)

For planning, I am totally in love with this editorial calendar: (tiny.cc/xjz6lx)

Inspirators for Step Six: LAYOUT!

Here is the textbook version of a blog layout. (tiny.cc/tlz6lx)

Great free resources for visuals are here: canva.com and unsplash.com.

However, I like to keep it zen, with quite an amount of white space. (tiny.cc/5oz6lx)

Inspirators for Step Seven: CONNECT!

The secret is all about engaging in the conversation, something I am currently heavily working on and it is indeed rewarding. I am commenting and receiving comments, trying to keep the conversation going, learning along the way and being inspired by others. I started sending out those first guest posts and it is already totally worth it, because suddenly I get feedback for what I am doing. That feeling when somebody tells you how great you are is simply wow! (tiny.cc/tuz6lx)

Inspirators for Step Eight: SOCIAL MEDIA!

New to me and still scary and exhausting as I merely start to venture to come near to social media, but I’m learning, as you can see here: facebook.com/lifegraduateblog

A big help to schedule social posts is the bufferapp.com.

Inspirators for Step Nine: HAVE FUN!

I got the fun and motivation back into blogging while watching April Bowles’ course on Creative Live. It’s tailored for creative entrepreneurs, but I got a lot of inspiration from it. (tiny.cc/l0z6lx)

Inspirators for Step Ten: MEDITATE!

Don’t take it too serious. Blogging should be fun and not stressful. Whenever all the SEO and what-I-should-do and ultimate guides and easy steps and crazy secrets become overwhelming, I go back to this post and reassure myself why I’m doing it: (tiny.cc/hb06lx)

Extra Takeaways from my humble personal experience

Be yourself and show yourself. Do what you like and show what you like. People want to connect with a person and a face.

What works best are stories stories stories. Stories have become so important in the communication of today.

And finally: Break the rules! These links above are inspirators. You are the creator of your message!

Final fun activity: Who finds the most broken links? Compete in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Ten Steps and Inspirators that help me to keep blogging

  1. Hey, I love this post. Packed full of great resources. Some were known to me but a lot are new and exciting, been checking them out. Thanks for sharing!
    Greetings from Ghana!

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