One thing that will change the course of your life

and it’s nothing new nor secret

I was raised to be very polite and humble. Whenever somebody says I did something well, I play it down. When somebody praises my achievement, I deny it. When somebody makes an offer, I say, I don’t know, maybe not, I don’t have enough experience and so on.

I am currently jobless (not that it would bother me too much – which is very dangerous). I just try to connect with people I meet, and reconnect with people I know, while I am getting used to the new surroundings. And recently two things happened that gave my life a new exciting push. I will quickly tell you the stories.

I took part in a writing competition, more for fun, just for the sake of taking part really, not thinking too much about winning. Guess what happened. I won. And I was asked to join a team of writers for the Wormhole Electric, an anthology for adventure and science fiction literature. I said no because I thought my writings don’t completely fit in those categories. However, the editor convinced me that those genres are very flexible and open, and she has recently sent back the edited rough draft of a story of mine.

Then there is George, my good friend, who is involved in probably about a million projects in almost the whole country. He helps two art projects in the slums, coordinates teachers’ trainings, teaches at the first university in the slum and is planning some fruit tree planting in schools (all that and probably more next to his job). So George asked me to join the meetings for the tree project. You can imagine what I said: I don’t know anything about it, what should I say there, I have no idea… In two days I’m going for that meeting.

The reason for that is simple. There is one single word that changed the course of my life: Yes.

Saying yes opens doors to new responsibilities.

Saying yes plunges you into challenges that make you work beyond your imagination.

Saying yes pushes you out of your comfort zone.

Saying yes forces you to become creative and take responsibility.

Saying yes connects you with people and creates strong bonds.

Maybe is a lame excuse.

No might be necessary sometimes, but it closes doors that are very hard to open again.

Yes is motivation, daring, excitement, opportunity and challenge.

Yes means more work, but also more life.

What will you answer with YES? Let us know in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “One thing that will change the course of your life

  1. This is such a needed topic and post. There’s so much power in “YES” as a response. It can be sooooo terrifying though. I’m usually scared out of my mind at any opportunity or idea. Congratulations on these amazing opportunities that have come your way. I’m glad also that you have people in your life that push you; that can make all the difference.

    • Thank you, Regina. It seems that NO is the new YES nowadays, but if YES pushes us beyond our fears and out of our comfort zone, we can expect great stuff!

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