Lessons learned in May

I recently discovered how a change in my attitude towards people changed their behaviour. It is one of those lessons that appears over and over again. Last month, for example, I got some really helpful advice from someone I consider rather incompetent. And I suspect that it has to do with me throwing all my prejudices over board. Instead of thinking: He won’t help me anyway because he has no clue of what he’s talking about. I thought: Let’s see what he has to say and not judge in advance. Instead of behaving bored or rude or arrogant, I listened and smiled and asked questions. It worked!

Therefore Lesson Number One is:

Be kind to people and they will be kind to you. Stop hating. Love instead.

I also found out something about the people I already like. It took me quite some time to become close friends with people since I moved to Ö. And just before I left, after finishing the course at university, we had so much fun, as you can see here:

In the beginning I was not so sure about finding friends in a town where I would stay less than a year. Now it is hard to leave them behind.

Lesson Number Two:

Friendship takes time and becomes the deepest shortly before you have to part. Therefore treasure the moment!

In all this monthly review of May one thing didn’t appear very strongly: the master’s degree I just received. I never went to the graduation ceremony and have not been at university or in any contact with them since I finished. There is still a bit to do, but it doesn’t seem to be a priority.

Lesson Number Three:

Come for the course, stay for the people and the town and the adventures. Life happens in the outskirts. University is just the entrance to it.

What did you learn last month? Share your lessons in the comments below!

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