Done is better than perfect

BelleLiveOptionThree lessons from a blogging workshop to apply to life

It is not only university or school that teaches me lessons. I recently took part in a blogging workshop hosted by Creative Live and held by April Bowles. It generated this blog tour which I am happy to join. See Eleanor from Wok Star and illustrator Nela touring with me, but first keep reading for three important life lessons I learned from this workshop.

1. Be open to failure. Don’t take it too seriously.

Yes, a blog binds you legally and makes you attackable. I guess that is written in the terms and conditions I have extensively read and understood when I tick that box. Yes, my blog is public and basically everybody can read it. Yes, some people may not like it, and sometimes I myself don’t. The only thing that helps is to not take it too seriously.

In life we have to perform, we have to be successful and responsible and good looking. But being open to failure makes it so much easier to cope. Letting go of my own and other’s expectations takes out the pressure and lets me breath again.

2. Be somebody worthy to follow. Perform for your fans.

Once you have regular readers on your blog, you need to keep them. If you provide good stuff and quality material, they will stay. You may advertise on social media, you may design it to the core, but you have to present something worthy to get and keep your fans.

It’s the same in life. I am trying to be nice to people, even if I don’t like them. I want to hear everybody’s voice, and I want to be there for them. Whenever I can, I try to help and be a good friend, to talk and listen to people, to be somebody worthy to be friends with.

3. Done is better than perfect.

Regularity of posts is the key to a successful blog. So now that the thesis is handed in, I am back to the routine of one or two posts per week. It takes time, but in the end: Done is better than perfect. (Tweet this!) Because it will hardly ever reach perfect. It will consume too much time to make this blog post the perfect one and I don’t have the means to make my blog perfect. The most important thing is to get it done, so that it’s out there. That also takes a lot of pressure and fear away, which otherwise would keep me from even starting.

This is the biggest lesson I have learned in the workshop and it went viral in our classroom:

  • My thesis definitely has some gaps and mistakes. – Done is better than perfect.
  • In the audio report for the practical part my voice sounds really weird sometimes. – Done is better than perfect.
  • The crunchy cookies for the picnic turned out to be more like brownies. – Done is better than perfect.
  • I cleaned the apartment for two hours before my mum comes visiting and I still find lint here and there. – Done is better than perfect.
  • I booked a train without checking the bus prices and now I will travel fast but expensive. – Done is done and better than perfect.

You get the point. Less stress, more productivity. Less panic, more fun. Less fear, more satisfaction. It is all entailed in this magic sentence and biggest give away I took from that course.

Now I don’t find a way to wrap this post up properly and come to a sublime conclusion… But it’s done, and that is better than perfect.

What lessons do you apply to life? Share them in the comments below!

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33 thoughts on “Done is better than perfect

  1. I definitely need to try harder and point number 1…but it’s so difficult! I am slowly getting to grasps with ‘Done is better than Perfect’ it’s a great rule to live by but takes a bit of practice!!! A lesson i often try to apply in life is ‘If you are going to do something, do it on purpose’ in other words, give it everything you’ve and do it properly, don’t dilly dally, faff about and do it halfheartedly 🙂

    • Absolutely, Jo. So let’s do things on purpose, give it all – and when they are done, accept them and let’s not try to make them perfect!

  2. “Done is better than perfect” is a recurring theme in this tour. Why do we feel the need to be perfect?? There is no such thing! Very nice post! This group rocks!

  3. I really enjoyed this! My favorite take away, in addition to done is better than perfect is less fear — more satisfaction! Thank you!

  4. I love the “done is better than perfect.” Thank you for the reminder. Thank you for sharing your blog and heart. I love how your personality comes out in your blog. I too have dreams, goals, and wishes in life. My main goal in life is to bless other families with our business products, and draw family members closer, creating more traditions together, through our time capsules. It is hard to remember this dream, when we get wrapped up in work and what we need to do, like creating blogs, and other busy work throughout the day. Thank you for reminding me to create value. When I create value about things I have a love for, it is easier and more fun to write.

    I am coming from the New Blogger group on Facebook enjoying the Blog tour. There really is too much to share from April. She is amazing. I enjoyed reading your blog because it is so conversational. Great job! If you want, you can check my blog out at We love to receive comments and shares about our decorative Baby and Wedding Time Capsules as well.

    I learned a lot from April about ways to help our business through our blog, so my husband was very understanding that I was watching Creative Live for several hours, to help us advance our lives and business.

    Best of Luck to you,

    Marcie Norton

  5. I totally love the concept ” Done is better than perfect”. I always hesitate to hit the publish button thinking its not perfect yet and those posts are in my drafts for a very long time now .. This is an eye opener and i should get something done today!
    Thanks a lot for this wonderful post .

  6. Done is better than perfect is one of my favorite takeaways from April’s course as well. I kept focused on that when launching my blog this week. It is far from perfect, but I did it! It is a real thing that no longer exists solely within my head!

    My first post actually has a lot to do with failure. I’ve learned that failing is just another way of learning. Thank you for expressing it so well!

  7. “Done is better than perfect” works for scrapbooking and papercrafting, too. I’m still learning to be more “artistic” with my new blog,, and many days “done is better than perfect” has kept me sane! – Fawn

  8. This sums it up so greatly, doesn’t it? Your post may not be perfect but it “rocks” and it made me want to know more, so I suscribed to make sure I’ll read you in the future!!! Keep going like this, trust me!!!

    • Thank you, Maria! If I had wanted to make my post perfect, I might have never had the chance to have you as one of my first subscribers. Really excited!

  9. You know what? FUN is better than perfect too, yay for fun!! We should allow ourselves to have more fun, right? I totally relate to the sweeping and 5 minute later (ok 2) they are wafting by our feetsies, haha. Great analogy for ‘real life’ use!

    • Hey Vivayne! Do you remember how April brought the fun back into blogging? Absolutely important – and it works, apparently!!

  10. Done IS better than perfect. But it’s oh so hard to let go of the perfectionism. I’m still working on that one. Love to read your story and your examples of how you’ve done it. 🙂

    • Absolutely, Connie. If we let go of perfection, we’ll be so much more relaxed. Imagine everyone did it!

  11. Hi there! This is Christina from CreativeLive. We’d love to get in touch with you and send something to you as a thanks for being a part of April’s blog hop. Can you email me so I can be in touch? Thanks!

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