Things take incredibly long

and things go incredibly fast

When I don’t have a schedule, things tend to take incredibly long. It is amazing how much of a lecture fits into two hours, and even more amazing how little I can manage on my own, at home, within these two hours. To write an application for some journalism job of 800 words, for example, took me the whole day yesterday and this morning, only interrupted by heavy work and lovely fika at the community garden. Getting all the texts for my final thesis analysed took an entire week and I had to go downstairs to the library, actually book a room for myself there, to force myself to be productive and get me out of the dangerous zones of distraction. I spent approximately five or six hours there, lunch break not counting, and did not get done with all I thought I could. The short morning run takes ages, and the novel I am reading seems not even finishable. Days can be so long and tiresome in a quiet apartment when you are alone and in front of a computer, with a very long to-do list next to you and some deadlines and your thesis at your neck.

On the other hand, a jar of candy doesn’t last very long, especially when you have fasted sugar for the last forty or so days and decided to break the fast earlier. (It took too long! – see above) Bread is baked too quickly. I couldn’t even read all the blogs I wanted and there it was, already done in the oven. Finished too fast. The crust has become very crunchy, but lucky enough, proper German Swedish sourdough bread won’t burn that easily. A certain Skype date went very quickly, too. There are things I still wanted to talk about, I should have, but we ran out of time and concentration and courage to address certain issues. The spring onions in their glass of water on my window board grow faster than I could trace the growth. It’s as if the water creates high pressure and just pushes the delicate, dark green shoots up the almost white stubs.

I am off for a short trip to Italy, and the week has gone slow, I had so much time and now this day cannot be long enough because I have so much to do before I leave. Coming back next week sounds like a very long trip but I am sure in the end I won’t even have realized where the time has gone. There was this guy who said something intelligent about time being relative… I guess he was right. I usually say that time is the only thing we have. I came to realize that even that statement is somewhat hard to capture, just like time itself.

How is your time passing? And at which pace? Drop a comment below!


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