Lessons learned in March

Lesson One: Traveling with friends should be done more often

In the beginning of the month I traveled to meet my best friend for our annual reunion. We had a fantastic weekend, walking around the city, visiting museums and just sitting in the sun and talking. I learned that with very few very special people I have this mutual understanding. And I learned that I have to accept that with most others, things change and friendships fade which is perfectly normal and okay. And I learned that however much time, money and other resources traveling might consume – I always have to plunge in. There is nothing that comes close to sitting in a train and putting the kilometers behind me while reading a good book, or sitting in a bus and talking to foreigners about their final destinations, or getting lost in a city and finding the bakery with the gorgeous chocolate buns.

Lesson Two: Fasting is possible

I also took Lent as a motivation to restrict my consumption. I don’t watch online videos apart from very few exceptions, and I have to say I will keep it like that. I also don’t watch movies or series when I am alone, but I went to the cinema with friends. Since that gives me so much time for reading which I enjoy much more than movies, I will keep that up, too, even if not that strictly.

Concerning my diet I don’t eat dairy which is easy, but more expensive because I got hooked on oat milk and oat yoghurt. I also don’t eat gluten apart from my own sourdough bread, and that is a bit hard but doable. I am just tired of all the buckwheat and quinoa. And I quit sugar which is eye-opening: Even soy sauce contains sugar!

Lesson Three: Everything about Morocco

My classmate and me had some night shifts at university recently because we wanted to get done with some assignments. I spent a lot of time with her and we share music, books and food. She introduced me to Gnawa, Sufism and date paste, all three very enriching matters.

Lesson Four: Breaks in church are fulfilling

Whenever I pass by “my” church (the one that I like and that is on the way to my home), I go in for some minutes. That is like: If the day was a yummy cup of hot chocolate, going to church is the cream on top. It fills me up and makes me content to the max. I will keep doing that, too.

Lesson Five: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter … and Spring

There are good days, then there are bad days, and then there are good days again. The spring is here and the first crocuses have appeared – and then for one day they were covered in snow again. After that it became warm again and it was a pleasure to be outside. One day I was so productive, the other day nothing worked out and it felt like wasted time. One day you receive a sad email, the next day someone tells you something beautiful. I will have to try and take it as it is.

Lesson Six:

Don’t go with the flow. Be the flow.

What lessons did you learn? Let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Lessons learned in March

  1. Dear big sister,

    my review about march is here now.
    1 | WORKOUT works quite well and it´s possible to do every morning half an hour. Better than gather motivation to do it once per week for one whole hour. But then again:
    2 | Instead of making a list what I want to show visitors when they visit me in Stuttgart, I do it aswell step by step, including a 2 hours workout just like that, by the way… I achieved that and it felt great by taking a long walk to somewhere I haven´t been yet in my city, after I checked at a map some interesting places that I´d like to see, and show, and walked there. Afterwards I saved the place in my phone to remember, when somebody visits me and all of this felt so good that this was not the last time, but I am sure to feel the will to repeat it next weekend. And find another insider tipp for visitors…
    3 | Fasting is still important for me, so much that I rather fast the breakfast instead of skipping the cozy dinner with my flatmate. Like that, I combine two things that mean much to me without skipping something or feeling bad not being able to achieve what I set as a goal. And my body likes it too 🙂
    4 | I say “No thank you” if somebody offers me chocolate because I know I can skip what my body does not need. In that way I keep concentrating on needing, wanting and consuming less, what fulfilles me and makes me happy. It just gets easier by time and it does not mean that I don´t enjoy the first warm temperatures and the spring sun with some ice cream and – what is more important – a good friend.
    5 | I DO things, not only TALK about it. Everything I say will be done later aswell. Because I learned from a wise man to ACT like that, otherwise nothing happens, nothing canges. Like that, I have more concrete ideas about my plans to go to Kenya again – in exactly one year 🙂
    6 | I love in a different way. I trust less, but choose better, reflect and think more. Just got more time for myself. I keep secrets more secret, but develop through that, as I learn more about myself. I do everything for my family a sI know better, who I can truly trust, who are my true friends.
    7 | In future, to close this, I want playing viola, visiting museums and concerts and SKETCH MORE become a habit, step by step of course, every month one of them. With a thought out system, so I know it will work.
    8 | Skyping with my big sister, reading her blog, working on the project.

    • Love to read this!
      1) I am taking a running break currently and enjoy it, but I slowly feel the urge to run coming back.
      2) I got lost, recently, too, in an oh so nice place!
      3 & 4) I do fast, but it becomes harder now and I'm looking forward to pizze in Naples and ice cream on Piazza Navona in Rome! When I try to avoid food, all I can think of is food.
      5) I know that guy. And look forward to see you there!
      6) "I keep secrets more secret". ❤
      7 & 8) Go for it, I'm with you!

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